A Unique Kind of Event

Seasoned, successful entrepreneurs from across the USA and from all over the world will convey to South Florida to talk about their business experiences. In workshops of 45 minutes to 1 hour and keynote presentations, they will transfer to the new generations some of the things they have learned during their lifetime, and that has helped them to succeed in their businesses. Young entrepreneurs, start-uppers, and those that for the time being what they have is just an idea that they will discuss with others. As it happened in past events, new alliances will be created and new unimaginable paths and venues will open.

Several events will take place every day at different locations across South Florida. Attendees will be able to choose those presentations, discussions, and workshops, that are of most interest to them. Plenary assemblies, networking, and social events will also happen every day allowing the hundreds of participants to meet with each other. Participation in this event is totally free. Sponsorships make possible the different social and networking events including breakfasts, Shabbat dinners. Several Jewish and civic organizations as well as private businesses lend the physical facilities for the events to take place.

Because events will be conducted in English, Spanish, Portugues, French, and Hebrew, according to the needs of those registered and to help better organize the different venues, will be attendees are invited to register ASAP

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Un Midrash Covid Moderno

En abril, un equipo encabezado por la Dra. Osnat Luxenburg, directora de Tecnología Médica y Administración de Infraestructura del Ministerio de Salud de Israel, llevó a cabo una extensa investigación sobre todas las vacunas Covid 19 que se estaban investigando alrededor del mundo. Finalmente, el equipo recomendó compra de opciones...

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Um Midrash Covid Moderno

Em abril, uma equipe chefiada pelo Dr. Osnat Luxenburg, diretor de Tecnologia Médica e Administração de infraestrutura do Ministério da Saúde de Israel, conduziu uma extensa investigação sobre todas as vacinas da Covid que estavam sendo pesquisadas no mundo todo. Por fim, a equipe recomendou opções de compra para a...

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A Modern Covid Midrash

In April, a team headed by Dr. Osnat Luxenburg, the director of Medical Technology and infrastructure Administration at Israel's Health Ministry conducted an extensive inquiry into all the Covid 19 vaccines that were being researched around the world. Ultimately, the team recommended purchasing options for the vaccine being offered by...

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Ten Days

Ten days of panels, workshops, keynotes, business networking, and social events. Bringing together top business entrepreneurs from around the world to share their amazing stories of success, gross strategies, and innovation insights, and young Sephardic starter-ups from around the world. During 10 days participants- free of cost- will be able...

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