The Meriane Albagli Geni Cassorla Institute for Sephardic Development in the 21st Century is a not-for-profit enterprise that aims at helping the continuous development of the Sephardic attitude to life. For centuries  Jews originating from Spain developed a certain “joie de vivre (“pleasure of living”) that is unique among the Jewish communities of the world. Preserving this attitude that allowed Jews from Spain not only to survive unimaginable difficulties but to build communities that flourished for a thousand years, is the Institute's Imperative.

Jewish optimism has been a driving force for education and business development, thus one of the main programs of the MAGC Institute is to bring together young generations of Sephardim from all over the world to exchange experiences and create new networks.

Rabbi Moshe Pitchon who began his career as the rabbi of the Sephardic Community in Santiago Chile where he met and was inspired by Mrs. Meriane Albagli Geni Cassorla, brings through a lifetime of organizational activities, from education to business, to charity his expertise and push to the realization of the Young Sephardic Entrepreneurs Forum.