If you are running a marathon (and business life could easily be compared to a marathon) you don’t wait until the morning of the race and then just go out to run, you’ve prepared yourself for a very long time.

Doing business is much the same. When you need a job or new clients the amount and quality of the contacts you have made through time is the key to achieving your goals.



Networking helps raise awareness of your name and the name of your business. You want people to remember YOU in all the right ways and spread your name and business among their acquaintances and colleagues.

Networking in a variety of environments with a diverse group of people that represent multiple industries builds character. The more you interact with others and tell your business story, the more confident you become. Also, your listening skills will improve.



The more people you interact with, the more opportunities you’ll have to tell your story. You must have a refined proposition that you can pitch, the more you practice it, the more effective your message will be.

At the Young Sephardic Entrepreneurs Forum you will have ten days to meet other intelligent individuals from different parts of the globe, and build a network of contacts.



You will meet people at workshops and presentations, open forums, informally at breakfasts, dinners and just plain networking events.

Because the YSEF attracts people from all over the world you can achieve in 10 days what you would never be able to achieve in years of traveling around the world.